Drumhead services

A major aspect of our company is the fact that we combine top quality craftsmanship with years of musical experience.

Our knowledge of the sensitive mechanisms of various timpani and drums with drum skins of all kinds (calf / goat / cowhide / buffalo and plastic) and strengths means that we can cater to all specifications and wishes.

Our extensive experience in the appraisal, choice and treatment of timpani and drum skins from all around the globe helps us to assess the fascinating qualities of each medium in order to pick the right drumhead to suit any musician’s requirements.

Skinning and mounting drums with natural hide is a task which always requires skill and patience to ensure that the musical end result increases the value of the instrument.

Synthetic drumheads also have to be individually fitted to the timpani or drums, and their tuning is a task which can only be carried out by someone with a good ear and musical talent.


We offer a wide variety of timpani and drum skins.

We carry our specially selected rawhide drumheads (Kalfo Super Timpani / Sonnberg™ goat parchment) in all standard sizes (45 – 118 cm) and in various strengths. We provide an in-house re-skinning service or we can send your hides in rolls. On request we can also provide hides set onto rims, with or without edging. Our warehouse is also stocked with a well sorted array of Remo Renaissance timpani and drumheads in all sizes, and we would be happy to fulfil any special requests you may have.

Price lists: Kalfo / Sonnberg / Remo

We provide discounts on all timpani and drum heads for loyal, long-term customers.