Sonnberg™ goat skins

Please inform about our products of Sonnberg™ feinste Ziegenpergamente!

  • Skins for tambourine
  • Skins for snare drum
  • Skins for timpani
  • Skins for bass drum

Parchment making is sadly becoming a lost art. The few tanners still active in Europe generally have neither the necessary know-how nor an interest in concerning themselves with this labour intensive technique.

Therefore we are especially pleased that in 2011, following extensive research carried out by Bernd Lanner, we were finally able to track down a company in Austria who was willing to cooperate with us in the development of parchment drumheads for timpani and drums. Until then we relied upon the products of the few known drum and timpani head manufacturers, but always regretted the lack of influence we had over the further development of these products and of the skin’s tonal qualities.