Drum skins

We carry a large selection of Kalfo Super timpani and drum skins in various strengths and sizes (35 – 120 cm). Our long running and successful business relationship with Kalfo guarantees that we are able to replace any defective skins.

We keep a constant supply of the complete range of Renaissance timpani skins by Remo. Each skin is thoroughly checked when it reaches our premises and is only offered for sale when we have made sure that that it is free of wrinkles and other blemishes.

We also stock Remo drumheads for small and large drums in all the standard sizes and formats, and we can order all other Remo products for you at short notice.

Sonnberg™ goat skins for large and small drums, tambourines and timpani can be individually prepared for you, as they come directly from our tanner and are sorted, appraised, cut, printed and reground in house. We generally stock a large selection of these skins in the sizes 35 – 110 cm.