Instrument Rental

Our Bremen-based rental service provides timpani, drums, pitched percussion, celestas, small percussion, effect instruments, tubular bells, bell plates, gongs, tam-tams and the accompanying stands and racks to meet almost any imaginable requirement of orchestras, theatres, ensembles and schools, but also of music groups and individuals.

We ship these valuable instruments in specially made flight cases to any requested location.

We also offer custom delivery services with specially trained assembly personnel, or even complete tour supervision provided by experienced stage managers. If you have any questions regarding the planning and realisation of tours, we would be happy to offer advice and assistance when it comes to assembling orchestras, transporting instruments and supervising musicians. Our employees have many years of extensive experience in this field.

Alongside our own percussion instruments, we also work together with trusted partners to loan large orchestra instruments such as harps and double basses. If you need a fitted case for a percussion instrument, we are also happy to loan out our flight cases for your transportations. If you have any questions regarding the design and production of flight cases, we would be happy to provide consultation and on request we can also organise their production through one of our trusted partners.

The prices of rentals are based on the value of the instruments and the duration of the loan. We use a graduated pricing scale based on the days when the instruments are used for rehearsal and those when they are used in concert. The concert days are calculated at full price, and the rehearsal days at a special rate (generally, this amounts to one full daily rate for two rehearsal days). All rentals, including transports, are calculated individually in order to provide you with the best possible offer. Special conditions apply in the case of long term loans.

We also provide an early booking discount of 10% on bookings placed more than 6 weeks in advance.

Since we are constantly expanding and renewing our instrument inventory, you will occasionally have the opportunity to purchase percussion instruments from our collection. You can follow these offers in our second-hand instruments section.